A Trusted Name In Florals

KD & Company's dedication to serving the floral community began in 2009, but our enthusiasm for flowers took root even earlier. Our story has always bloomed in the joy of taking care of others. We've always dreamed of owning our own business, one where giving customers our word means something.

Together, we're (K)aye and (D)ave Grover, and this business is our meaningful family endeavor. We started this company by building a trusted foundation of integrity, taking pride in unmatched service on a personal level. Bringing local communities closer together and fostering a sincere connection with our customers is invaluable to us. That's why we won't ever cut corners.

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Flowers intertwine throughout pivotal cycles in all our lives; from the bouquets that celebrate a blushing newborn to the dignified arrangements that grace a loved one's casket. Having something beautiful you can depend on for milestone moments makes a difference, because memories are forever. These are the details that we hold on to.

We've been in the business for 30 years, which means we know where to find superior quality flowers. We know what vision feels right and how to access it. WE have the resources to deliver in a time crunch without sacrificing exquisite attention to artistry. Because of our knowledge we've cultivated over the years, we understand where the flowers you need are grown, what time of year they flourish, and how to consistently provide spectactular quality.

We recognize the impact we can make, so we strive each day to ensure it's a positive one; an uplifting experience for the customers we've come to care about deeply. After all, we learn to get to know which customer just welcomed their newest little one. We know when it's your second child and the baby if your first precious little girl. Our employees, customers and vendors have come to feel like one big family to us -- and we love helping ensure these life events feel special. Some employees we've known for over 20 years, so it feels like family helping family.

None of what we do could be possible without our dedicated employees or exceptional vendors. We feel grateful and proud to be able to do what we do for the floral community. KD & Company serves four locations in the United States; Central Kentucky, Southern Indiana, Northern Illinois, Southwest Wisconsin, Virginia, and Northeastern North Carolina. We're determined to be adaptable, because we strive to say yes to anything you need.

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