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Please contact us for wholesale floral details and any questions! Here are the best ways to reach KD & Company:

Louisville, KY


KD & Company Co-Owner Dave Grover

Main Branch Office: (502) 690-8282

Cell: (502) 690-8282

Email: billing@kdcompany.net

Wheeling, IL

Manager Shaun Collins

Branch Office (847) 495-9930

Cell: (847) 489-4633

Email: kd.company.llc@gmail.com

Norfolk, VA

Branch Office: (757) 644-1220

Email: norfolk.billing@kdcompany.net

Sandston, VA

Manager Adam Jones

Branch Office: (804) 977-1570

Cell: (804) 433-5424

Email: billing.richmond@kdcompany.net

Raleigh, NC

Manager Olivia Cassano

Branch Office: (919) 917-7392

Email: billing.raleigh@kdcompany.net