Q: What is this site?

A: This site is meant to be a portal for KD Flowers customers to go online and reserve their flower orders for the next day, after hours. It's really more of a reservation system, so that we can make sure we have the flowers and order ready for you to pickup or delivery to your store!

Orange Flower
Pink Flower

Q: Why is there no pricing?

A: Pricing is always market pricing at pickup, this system just lets you reserve your order so we can have it ready for you the next day.

Q: How do I order?

A: First login by selecting the person icon in the navigation menu. If you need an account, refer to the next question. Then, click on Flowers to browse our selection. From there it is like a regular e-commerce store! Take a look at our flowers, add the ones you'd like to the cart, and then place your order!

Yellow Flower

Q: How do I get an account?

A: You'll need to contact your sales rep at your local KD Flowers location, they will be able to get you an account created on the website.

Orange Flower